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Will there be Peace in the Middle East?
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What Politicians Say vs. What People Can See

By Douglas Murray
Gatestone Institute
July 10, 2015

Throughout a bombing-and-murder campaign lasting three decades, the BBC never referred to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) as the "so-called IRA." If you flatten ISIS's military, the strong-horse appeal of ISIS would simply go away. If there is nothing to join, no one can join it.

Cameron's and Obama's tactic is to deny something that Muslims and non-Muslims can easily see and find out for themselves: that ISIS has a lot to do with Islam -- the worst possible version, obviously, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, but a version of Islam nevertheless.

A few days after the massacre of 30 British subjects on a Tunisian beach, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, used an interview on the BBC to berate the broadcaster and others for using the term "Islamic State." Mr. Cameron's suggestion was that the broadcaster should either refer to the "so-called Islamic State," use the acronym "ISIL," or adopt the Arabic term, "Daesh."

Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?

By Khaled Abu Toameh
Gatestone Institute
July 3, 2015

Some Arab Knesset (parliament) members have devoted much of their time and efforts to helping the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip -- who have their own leaders, spokesmen, representatives -- at the expense of their own constituents in Israel.

How does joining a flotilla to the Gaza Strip solve any problems facing Arab Israelis, such as unemployment and poverty? It is also a betrayal of the Arab voters who sent them to the Knesset to fight for more public funds and services for the Arabs in Israel.

Would the two Knesset members be willing to risk their lives for the people who voted for them? It was hard to find Arab Israelis who saw anything positive in Ghattas's decision to sail aboard a ship to the Gaza Strip. In fact, many did not hesitate privately to criticize the decision.

It is time for Arab Israelis to endorse a new approach toward their state, and distance themselves from representatives who act against their interests and damage relations between Jews and Arabs.

If some Knesset members wish to devote their time and energy to helping the Palestinians, they should consider moving to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Otherwise, they need to start addressing the problems facing their constituents and refrain from causing further damage to Arab-Jewish relations.

For Egypt, avenging Sinai attack may include striking Gaza

Cairo has already begun to punish the Islamic State for Wednesday’s massive assault; Hamas, which may have supplied anti-aircraft weapons to the militants, may not be immune either

By Avi Issacharoff
The Times of Israel
July 2, 2015

ImageThroughout the night, the echoes of explosions from the Egyptian airstrikes on various targets in the northern Sinai Peninsula could be heard on the Israeli side of the border.
From the moment it began fighting back Wednesday, the Egyptian army, as is its wont, has not hesitated to use all the means at its disposal. After Wednesday morning’s multi-tiered attack in Sheikh Zuweid, the aggressiveness of its military response is likely to outstrip that of any previous operation.

Anything that moves in the coming days in Egypt’s Rafah, Sheikh Zuweid, and El-Arish areas will likely become a target of Egypt’s F-16s and Apache helicopters, in part in a bid to protect its ground forces from danger.

Right now, the Islamic State fighters and Muslim Brotherhood fighters are likely rubbing their hands together gleefully, despite the rivalry between them. These two rival organizations found a common enemy in the form of the Egyptian government and its chief, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Zilch, zippo, nada, gurnisht, bubkes

By Sarah Honig
The Jerusalem Post
June 26, 2015

ImageExpelled Jews are shoved out of Zion Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem after it was conquered by the Arab Legion in contravention of the 1947 UN Partition Resolution

The bottom-line truth is that the decision of the US Supreme Court to uphold official Washington’s pig-headed disconnect between Jerusalem and Israel doesn’t mean diddly-squat. It signifies zilch, zippo, nada, gurnisht, bubkes.

This is quite apart from of the fact that the court technically only dealt with American constitutional hairsplitting on who’s empowered to recognize what abroad. Such pedantry may perturb American jurists but for us Israelis it absolutely doesn’t change a thing.

We simply shouldn’t care if they say we aren’t who we know we are.

What any American higher-up in whatever bureaucracy in whichever branch of government finds it expedient to opine cannot factually alter our identity. It’s as straightforward as that and is in essence what 12-year-old Menachem Zivotofsky understood.

The Scorpion, The Frog and The Pope

By Susan Warner
Gatestone Institute
June 24, 2015

ImageDespite attempts by post World War II popes to reconcile with the Jews, Pope Francis has, perhaps inadvertently, taken the first steps to disassemble any progress toward that goal.

The Pope's declaration inspires the already hate-infested Palestinians to commit murder with a symbolic pontifical blessing.

It might be premature to assign the term "anti-Semitism" to Pope Francis's current "missteps." However, it does not push the envelope too far to suggest that the Pope's view of the Jews and Israel is a product of a lifetime of Catholic and Replacement Theology bias.

At this momentous time, the Pope's repentance would be a welcome acknowledgement of Israel's right to exist.

"New Crisis is Coming"

By George Jahn-AP
United with Israel
June 24, 2025

ImageIn what appears to be shocking news and yet another concession to Iran, the US and other nations have offered nuclear technology in exchange for Iran’s eliminating its capacity to produce atomic weapons.

The United States and other nations negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran are ready to offer high-tech reactors and other state-of-the-art equipment to Tehran if it agrees to crimp programs that can make atomic arms, according to a confidential document obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

The draft document — one of several technical appendices meant to accompany the main text of any deal — has dozens of bracketed text where disagreements remain. Technical cooperation is the least controversial issue at the talks, and the number of brackets suggest the sides have a ways to go not only on that topic but also more contentious disputes with little more than a week until the June 30 deadline for a deal.


By Sarah Honig
The Jerusalem Post
June 5, 2015

ImageLiege, Belgium: “Entry is permitted to dogs but not to Jews under any circumstances!”

Last summer a café in a suburb of the Belgian city of Liege exposed the current face of anti-Semitism in one compact store-front display.

The window was festooned with the Palestinian flag, decorated with Fatah keffiahs and featured an Israeli flag crossed-out with a big red “X.” But if just-landed Martians failed to get the message, there was written bilingual elucidation as well. The French version, for the benefit of the natives, boldly announced:

“Entry is permitted to dogs but not to Zionists under any circumstances!”

Nonetheless, politically correct constraints in French clearly don’t cramp Turkish styles. Lest any perplexed Turk encounter difficulties in determining who’s a Zionist, the Turkish sign spelled things out explicitly – without synthetic attempts at European niceties. It let the proverbial cat out of the bag for dog-lovers and haters-of-Zion alike:

Two Gaza Rockets Explode in Southern Israel

Two rockets from Gaza explode in Sdot Negev region in southern Israel. No injuries or damages reported.

By Elad Benari
Arutz Sheva
June 3, 2015

ImageThe “Red Alert” siren was heard on Wednesday night at around 11:00 p.m. (local time) in some communities in southern Israel.

Sirens were heard, among other places, in the Ashkelon and Netivot areas.

Two rockets from Gaza exploded in the Sdot Negev region. There were no physical injuries or damages.

Just last week, terrorists from Gaza fired a Grad rocket towards southern Israel. The rocket exploded near the community of Gan Yavneh, near Ashdod. There were no injuries.

'A military solution will not fix' the Iranian nuclear crisis, President Obama says'

Obama: Israel losing credibility because world doesn’t think it’s serious about peace
President says Netanyahu ‘predisposed to think that peace is naïve,’ warns Israel ‘can’t only be driven by danger,’ says it’s getting hard to defend Israel internationally

By Raphael Ahren, Stuart Winer and Jonathan Beck
The Times of Israel
June 2, 2015

ImageUS President Barack Obama discusses US-Israeli relations and the emerging nuclear deal between Iran and world powers with Israeli journalist Ilana Dayan on May 2, 2015. (screen capture: Channel 2)

US President Barack Obama said that he cannot see the current Israeli and Palestinian leaderships reaching even a framework deal on peace, and warned that there is a danger of Israel losing even more credibility in an international community that doesn’t believe Israel is serious about a two-state solution.

Obama made the comments during an in-depth interview with Channel 2 reporter Ilana Dayan at the White House that was broadcast on Israeli television Tuesday.


By Sarah Honig
The Jerusalem Post
May 22, 2015

ImageAyelet Shaked: Scathing scorn was heaped on her – whether in the Paritzky or Rozin idiom

Another Mideastern spring is in full swing (as distinct from the sadistically ongoing Arab Spring, not long ago confidently proclaimed by the never-erring enlightened ones as the hope of all democracies everywhere).

Springtime in our setting is notoriously unstable and in the lowly Coastal Plain some steamy nights already cause us to toss and turn when we ought to be chilling. In particularly wearisome instances our restlessness is aggravated by agitated replays of the day’s news when we ought to escape to cozy dreamland.

Thus on a recent nocturnal occasion, while my insomnia imperceptibly morphed into nightmare, new Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked rudely disturbed my peace by jumping off a pinup calendar in a dingy auto repair shop someplace in darkest Israel.

Iran-backed jihadi threat is top priority for new government, Netanyahu says

Prime minister presents cabinet to Rivlin, calls for ‘responsible political settlement’ with Palestinians

By Stuart Winer
Times of Israel
May 19, 2015

ImagePrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formally presented his new cabinet at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on Tuesday, and vowed to put the fight against Islamist extremists at the top of his agenda.

“This government has been established at a time of great challenges and opportunities,” Netanyahu said. “Our first challenge is to ensure the security of Israel in the face of accumulating threats around us. Radical Islam is lapping at all our borders, nearly all in the form of factions and forces led by Iran and other radical elements.”

He said, however, that the country would seek to forge new alliances given the regional turmoil, hinting at Israel’s shared interests with Sunni states against Iran’s nuclear program.

“Many states in the area have joint interests with us and see eye to with us on the dangers. We will make every effort to translate that partnership into peace.”

Getting Away with It: What Has Happened to Rule of Law?

By Douglas Murray
Gatestone Institute
May 19, 2015

But the question that hangs over Rotherham -- and which even the latest independent review could not answer -- is why so many people got away with these crimes for so long. It was left to a few intrepid journalists and four private citizens to uphold the law.

"It appears inevitable that Mr. Rahman will denounce this judgement as yet another instance of the racism and Islamophobia that have hounded him. ... It is nothing of the sort. The law must apply fairly and equally to everyone. Otherwise we are lost." — Judge Richard Mawrey QC.

Bad people do bad things, but when all the institutions of state fail to stop them, that is a problem for us all.

A veteran of the 1968 protest movements once confided what, looking back, troubled him about his generation's rebellion. "All young people rebel." he said. "What is strange is that our parents' generation gave in." It is a sentiment that could just as easily be applied to modern Britain, if not the West. It is not surprising that people do bad things. What is surprising is that so many institutions and authorities allow them to get away with it.

A Delegitimization Called Nakba

By Sarah Honig
The Jerusalem Post
May 15, 2015

ImageNakba instigator Husseini giving the Heil Hitler salute to Bosnian Muslim volunteers to the notorious Waffen SS (the Hanzar SS Division) in November, 1943

Delegitimization provides the sociopsychological rationale, the moral and discursive basis to harm the delegitimized group, even in the most inhumane ways… Delegitimized groups are rhetorically constructed as worthy targets of violence.

                                                                        The Oxford Handbook of Intergroup Conflict, 2012

The above is what we Israelis, as this volatile region’s most relentlessly delegitimized group, must keep uppermost in mind every mid-May.

Whereas we celebrate our state’s Independence Day according to the Hebrew calendar, the Gregorian anniversary, May 15, is annually commemorated by Arabs as a day of lamentation for the Nakba. It’s the catastrophe according to their loaded terminology, which renascent Jewish sovereignty supposedly inflicted on the supposedly indigenous people of this land – the Palestinians.

The notion that Israel was born in sin is delegitimization in the most extreme sense.

Israel is painted as a wrong and righting the wrong means eradicating Israel. There’s no getting away from the conclusion to which this representation unavoidably leads. Israel is illegitimate both in its inception and subsequent survival. Peace can be restored only when the illegitimacy is removed.

By Narrowest of Majorities, Netanyahu’s Coalition Sworn In

PM leaves ‘door open’ for Herzog, who scoffs at the offer and calls new government a ‘circus'; Likud No. 2 Erdan denied ministership

By Times of Israel staff and Marissa Newman
May 14, 2015

ImagePrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition was formally sworn in on Thursday night after a raucous Knesset session that saw constant heckling, along with accusations by opposition leader Isaac Herzog that the freshly inaugurated government was “a circus.”
The Netanyahu government, formed after arduous negotiations following the March 17 elections, thus finally took office almost two months after polling day, with the narrowest possible parliamentary majority.

The vote on the new cabinet passed by 61 to 59 — representing the balance of forces in the Knesset: Netanyahu’s five-party coalition numbers 61 members (Likud, 30; Kulanu, 10; Jewish Home, 8; Shas, 7; and United Torah Judaism, 6), to the opposition’s 59 seats (Zionist Union, 24; Joint Arab List, 13; Yesh Atid, 11; Yisrael Beytenu, 6; and Meretz, 5).

Earlier, taking the stand in the plenum, Netanyahu issued an appeal for electoral reform, and, in a veiled appeal to Zionist Union party chief Herzog, said he was leaving the “door open” to expanding his cabinet.

“I am leaving the door open to expanding the government for two reasons. The first: Because I think the state needs it. And second: Because this is the only way to amend this [political system],” Netanyahu said.

Salami slices some salami

By Sarah Honig
The Jerusalem Post
May 8, 2015

Brigadier General Hossein Salami: “They will not even be permitted to inspect the most normal military site in their dreams.”

ImageWho says history has no sense of humor? Just as US President Barack Obama seeks to hide away the salami slices shaved off his deal with Iran, an Iranian named Salami exposes an extra-thick and very telling slice.

Without much ado, the Deputy Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, gave the lie to one of Obama’s most significant contentions about the deal that America’s Commander in Chief is cooking up with the nuke-craving ayatollah regime.

Significantly, Salami didn’t whisper off the record. He didn’t speculate about hearsay in a back room. He didn’t impart hints given to conflicting interpretations. Salami said his piece openly on state TV. He announced out loud that, contrary to American claims, there would be no foreign inspections of Iranian military sites. Period. End of. No quibbling.

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